Strategic Modernization Services

Development organizations and enterprise architects that support legacy applications are under constant pressure to meet the changing demands of business while being subject to skills constraints, tight budgets and the constant evolution of development technology, tools and techniques. Investments that have been made in legacy languages such as COBOL, RPG and Model-based Applications may no longer suit the needs of the business they support.

CM First offers deep modernization consulting expertise in helping companies shift away from these platforms to modern development platforms, service-oriented and Architected Rapid Applications Development, web and mobile technologies, and packaged business applications. We start by helping our customers assess their code bases, and provide support for modernization for some or all of the legacy applications to the new target development and server platforms. Our goal is to help you stay within your budget and projected time line while you achieve a modernized solution that best meets your company’s needs.


The most important place to start with your modernization project is the analysis of your existing system.  CM First offers a service that will help you understand and document your existing system.  We can help you look at the relationships between your programs, expose business logic and document your applications graphically so you can easily navigate and understand your system.


CM First can support the following approaches to legacy renewal:

  • Application Rewrites
  • Replace Custom Developed Solutions with Packaged Applications
  • Web and Mobile Interfaces
  • SOA Integration
  • Code Migrations/Conversions
  • Application Rehosting
  • Development Tool and Platform Updates
  • Shifts to Agile Methodologies and Automated Deployment



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