Worksoft Certify

Software Quality and Automated Testing

Worksoft Certify® is the top ranked functional testing solution for enterprise applications. With end-to-end business process testing, Worksoft Certify eliminates the need for custom coding and programming for test scripts. Rather than generating scripts or code, Certify uses a patented design to validate business process workflows. This agile and easy-to-use solution generates comprehensive business process tests that are more resilient to changes in the underlying applications. Certify’s object-based design allows users to develop tests in their current software version and convert them to the new version with minimal effort at the appropriate time. A test-as-you-go strategy results in earlier defect discovery and production defect rates dropping by as much as 80%. It enables ‘lights out’ unattended testing even for minor transports and releases. Worksoft Certify’s superior test coverage provides a safeguard before committing to production. With Worksoft, customers achieve the industry’s highest levels of test automation -- and all the benefits in staff efficiency, agility, and cost reduction that come with it.

Product Capabilities


  • Supports validation of business processes that span diverse technology stacks including .NET, Java, 5250/3270, browser-based technologies, and mobile platforms
  • Patented central data repository ensures a common, scalable application knowledgebase that promotes use and reuse of components
  • Integrated test data management feature enables self-sufficient business process testing by embedding representative test data into the test itself
  • Captures business processes in a reusable format useful for building functional and performance tests and creating training and compliance documentation
  • Leverage Worksoft Certify by reusing any existing functional tests to populate Certify Performance Test
  • Works well alongside HP Quality Center and IBM® Rational (RQM)processes and is tightly integrated with SAP and other enterprise applications
  • Offers both desktop and browser-based Clients to allow easy management and execution of tests deployed on-premise and in the Cloud


The CM First Difference


CM First is focused on providing software development tools that support the creation and ongoing maintenance of enterprise applications. Automated software testing and quality metrics have a critical role to play in both modernization initiatives and the creation of wholly new applications to support business and mission critical processes.


  • CM First is a Worksoft Certify Value Added Resale Partner
  • CM First offers Certify as part of their reference architectures for Application Modernization, and Application Development tools.
  • CM First provides an integrated testing solution for Worksoft Certify to support CA Plex and CA 2E development environments
  • CM First provides consulting and implementation to ensure the solution fits the unique needs of the customer’s application testing requirements
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