Next Generation User Experience

Future requirements for enterprise business applications are quite literally in the hands of your employees and customers. JavaScript and HTML 5 are the lingua franca of web and mobile development and Sencha is the leading provider of development tools to support next-gen user interaction built with those languages.

Sencha Touch


Sencha Touch, the industry-leading mobile web app framework, enables developers to build rich, mobile apps and provides access to powerful HTML5 technologies such as geolocation, localStorage, and CSS3. With Sencha Touch, developers create smooth and blazingly fast apps that run on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire, and more.


Sencha Ext JS


The Sencha Ext JS cross-browser framework brings high-performance UI widgets and rich data management libraries to desktop app development. Plus, the Ext JS data package enables developers to use a model-view-controller (MVC) architecture when building their app. Sencha Ext JS also delivers the most advanced charting and graphing capabilities of any JavaScript framework, delivering pixel-perfect visuals that run in any browser, from IE6 to the latest Chrome.


Sencha Architect


Sencha Architect empowers development teams to design, develop, and deploy desktop and mobile apps from a single, integrated environment. Architect gives designers the ability to prototype applications with pixel-perfect clarity, and developers a powerful code editor that improves productivity by taking away the tedious parts of software development. With Sencha Architect, designers and developers can work in lock-step to create amazing applications.


The CM First Difference


CM First is focused on providing software development platforms that support the creation of modern applications that provide amazing end-user experiences. Sencha provide the market leading JavaScript and HTML5 development frameworks for web and mobile apps. Our partnership with Sencha provides “best in class” development capability for enterprise multi-channel applications that target all major browsers and devices. CM First has developed Sencha-focused products: CM WebClient to provide Web and Mobile Devices user interfaces for CA Plex customers, and CM Power for IBM i open-source customers.


CM First offers development services utilizing Sencha’s development solutions, including:


  • App development and ‘App Store’ publishing for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile devices using Adobe/Apache PhoneGap/Cordova.
  • CA Technologies integrations (CM WebClient for CA Plex, CA 2E)
  • IBM i/z/p/n integrations, utilizing Eclipse, Rational, Websphere, and PHP
  • Other backend systems, including Python and Microsoft .NET
  • CM First is a recognized Sencha Services Partner worldwide and Value Added Resale Partner in Italy
  • CM First provides consulting and implementation to ensure the solution fits the unique needs of the customer’s application testing requirements


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