CM WebClient

Build Web and Mobile Applications from CA Plex Models

Web-enabling existing business logic is a cost effective and efficient approach to legacy modernization. The CM WebClient platform is a rich internet application (RIA) generator designed to work seamlessly with the CA Plex model-based rapid application development platform. The CM WebClient Ajax-based framework unlocks the promise of application generation directly from a CA Plex development environment. It enables complete web and mobile application generation from the front-end presentation layer (HTML, JavaScript, Ajax) to back end business logic (RPG, .NET or J2EE).

Product Capabilities


  • Generate rich web and mobile capabilities directly from a CA Plex model based your existing client-server code base, without extensive recoding and retraining
  • Applications can utilize standard CA Plex GUI features, such as editable grid, tabs, tree views, child windows, accordion Outlook-style menus, dialogs, and more
  • Runs as a standard web application in popular browsers without the use of problematic plugins or extensions
  • The mobile applications built with CM WebClient run on popular devices, include iOS, Android, and BlackBerry, and can exploit device hardware such as GPS and camera
  • Extensible and customizable via Plex pattern inheritance, CSS, and JavaScript component libraries
  • Compatible with Patterns, OBASE, and custom inheritance libraries
  • Automate deployment to widely deployed application servers such as Websphere, Tomcat and JBOSS. Also compatible with Websydian Server


The CM First Difference


We are passionate about the potential for model-based ARAD to deliver highly stable code which meets enterprise class requirements for durability, reliability and performance. CM Web Client extends the relevance of CA Plex to support modern application architectures which include a mixture of client-server, web, mobile and cloud.


  • Develop web and mobile applications without extensive knowledge of CSS, HTML5 and native JavaScript
  • CM First deploys, manages, and supports CA Plex and applications developed with it
  • Deep involvement with the international CA Plex user community
  • Long-standing and extensive partnership with CA Technologies
  • Unique focus on supporting flexible strategies for application modernization
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