CM Meta Analytics

Source Code Scanning, Code Comprehension and Quality Metrics

CM Meta Analytics can help large IT organizations automatically analyze and inventory existing software assets. Using the respected language-independent DMS © analysis engine as its core, CM Meta Analytics brings enterprise applications under centralized planning and control. CM Meta Analytics increases the value of a metadata investment by enabling deeper impact analysis, component reuse, code quality analysis, legacy modernization planning, and faster business process change across an enterprise application portfolio. CM Meta Analytics can scan a wide variety of language domains, ranging from object-oriented Java to procedural COBOL, JCL, and ASM. The solution is fast and accurate - processing millions of lines of code in short time windows, enabling analysis tasks to be accomplished that are not feasible using conventional techniques. CM Meta Analytics’ output can be interfaced with external enterprise metadata analysis tools, such as CA Repository, increasing the value of these tools to the enterprise.

Product Capabilities


  • Fast, automatic parsing of source code into  structured XML with relevant analytics about software code and  quality metrics
  • Derives component connectivity and where-used information between modules, file I/O usage, variables, SQL access, and others
  • Name and type resolution of object oriented classes and methods
  • Extensible to include additional software metadata as required
  • Support for most popular language domains, including COBOL, ASM, JCL, Java, and SQL
  • Support for source file encoding schemes, including EBCDIC, Unicode, and multiple national languages
  • Multi-core and parallel processing enabled engine with full process automation capabilities
  • Deployable to public and private cloud environments, with Big Data storage engine option available
  • Interfaces with CA Repository for zOS (ARZOS) and Distributed (CARDS) using Universal XML Exchange
  • Interfaces with Source Code Management systems including CA Endevor and MKS Integrity


The CM First Difference


CM First is focused on providing unique solutions to modernization initiatives. CM First believe that code comprehension and source scanning have a role to play early in the planning phases for modernization initiatives as well as providing a platform to make better use of existing investments in MDM repositories.


  • CM First is a Semantic Designs partner for the DMS © Source Scanning technology
  • The solution has been implemented to support large enterprise environments with over 100 million lines of code
  • CM First provides consulting and implementation to ensure the solution fits the unique needs of the customer’s environments
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