CA Plex

Architected Rapid Application Development

CA Plex is a model-based and architected rapid application development (ARAD) platform. It provides an efficient environment to create, integrate and maintain large-scale business applications for multiple platforms. Companies can develop applications in a Windows environment and then compile and test them in the target environment which might be Windows/.NET, Java/J2EE or the IBM System i. CA Plex supports the development the types of applications used from a single set of skills and development techniques. Central to CA Plex are the architectural and design objects known as patterns. These objects eliminate the need to code repeatable elements of applications which significantly reduces the total time required for development projects.

Product Capabilities


  • CA Plex Model-based development leveraging business requirements in design
  • Pre-populated design patterns to enable rapid assembly of stable code
  • Dynamic inheritance of changes to patterns throughout the model
  • Native code generation in J2EE, .NET C# WPF/WCF, C++ and RPG
  • Broad database support including IBM DB2, MS SQL Server, Oracle
  • Inclusion of web application and SOA oriented patterns


The CM First Difference


CM First is a proud member of the CA Technologies resale, technical support, training, implementation and technology partner programs for their suite of model-based development tools. CM First also supplies proprietary add-ons which extend the capabilities of CA Plex as well as supporting add-on third party tools.


  • International market presence
  • Authorized by CA to perform advanced services such as product health checks, upgrades, and audits
  • Integration with CM WebClient for web and mobile interface development
  • Integration with CM MatchPoint for end-to-end application lifecycle management
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