Axon.ivy BPM Suite

Intelligent Business Process Management

As your business scales up, business activities become more complex and the organization is challenged to be as agile and responsive as before. Your employees rely on a portfolio of enterprise software applications to run the business, but these are often disconnected from each other and difficult and expensive to change. Axon.ivy is the integrated solution designed to optimize your existing software, processes, and workflows -- to help your company scale cost-effectively. Its lightweight methodology is combined with enterprise-class power, and ROI is often measured in weeks or months rather than years.

Process Centric


The Axon.ivy BPM Suite is a holistic tool based on a lightweight methodology for process optimization.  It integrates the six major disciplines of the process life-cycle in a single platform.  The integration of people and systems in workflows is covered from modeling and rigorous analysis through process design, generation and monitoring in a seamless and reliable fashion.


Professional BPM


Your company’s knowledge workers and managers can model, publish and analyze your unique processes in a transparent and targeted manner. With Axon.ivy, new business models can be implemented quickly and transparently, before the business opportunity is lost.


Technical BPM


Axon.ivy’s superior technical integration and automation capability empowers the IT department to develop fully integrated processes that automate manual repetitive efforts.  Axon.Ivy eliminates the process media gaps between your legacy custom software apps developed in models such as CA 2E or CA Plex generating COBOL and RPG, packaged apps like SAP, Oracle, or Salesforce, and other custom or cloud apps regardless of technology.

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