Mobile Application Enablement

Empowering a Rapid Move to Mobile

Companies seek the ‘silver bullet’ that will solve their mobile enablement challenges and yet, that single solution proves to be elusive. CM First has created solid solutions that work seamlessly with industry leaders, such as Sencha, IBM, and CA Technologies, to provide development frameworks and tools that address the many challenges involved in supporting the varied mobile platforms and OS versions in the tight timeframes customers require.

Business Challenge


Providing mobile access (smart phones and tablets) to your existing portfolio of applications has rapidly become a necessity if you wish to support the demands of both your customers and your employees. Increasing numbers of people do all their business through their devices. PCs take too long to boot and aren’t as portable. Despite the requirement, many businesses find it a challenging, time-consuming and expensive proposition and thus, have done little to provide mobile applications. No one has the ability to create custom applications for each of the various mobile platforms and yet, to many, this looks like the only option.


Competitive pressure requires that companies find a way to support a wide variety of mobile OS’ and devices. Mobile is only getting bigger.




Many companies host critical business services on IBM hardware from IBM i to IBM z, often with a variety of backend technologies and code generators such as Websphere, Java, .NET, COBOL, RPG, CA 2E(Synon), and CA Plex. CM First leads the way in creating custom solutions for IBM and CA customers to help them ‘mobilize’ legacy applications with a single code base. Not only is this simpler to write, it is easier to maintain. As experts in the hybrid/HTML5 approach to application development, CM First can help you create mobile applications that will run on multiple platforms. From providing development tools that speed the process helping development teams mobile-enable existing code to designing custom code created by expert CM First developers, CM First provides the answers you need to respond to the mobile challenge. Choose the offering that best meets your needs.




The lead time to provide quality UIs and front-end code to legacy applications has shrunk. The challenge of supporting multiple browsers, platforms and OS’ is daunting. Android is now the most popular smart phone OS and yet, keeping up with versioning makes this OS difficult to consider in your mobile design plans. CM First has a proven track record in simplifying the process of moving to mobile, whether you opt for CM First’s custom development work or prefer to take advantage of their fast-time-to-market frameworks and enabling tools. By exploiting the value of the Hybrid HTML5/JavaScript approach which gives you one code base that runs well on many platforms, your journey to mobile will be accelerated. Begin your planning with CM First – our expertise and experience ensure a quality result.


CM First Advantage


CM First will help your company provide mobile access to your applications for customers and employees alike with quality software solutions, custom development and services designed to meet your needs. With our solution:


  • The development effort required to provide mobile access to backend applications is greatly simplified
  • Currency with major mobile OS versions is assured
  • You can meet your requirements and delivery goals
  • Maintain your competitive edge by providing an engaging and well-designed mobile presentation layer while ensuring underlying legacy code is correctly engaged
  • You can embrace mobile fully and delight your customers.


Jumpstart your mobile enablement effort and maintain your competitive edge with CM First.

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