Modernize CA 2E with CM M3

Model-based Modernization Methodology

Web and mobile enable your CA 2E, Synon applications in an object-oriented model.

Companies have a significant investment in CA 2E applications, but until now, no effective solution existed to automatically modernize them. CM First has developed an approach called M3 (Model-Based Modernization Methodology) which is designed to help an organization move to an Architected Rapid Application Development (ARAD) platform.  M3 preserves the CA 2E model design while deploying all business logic onto a modern java client architecture.


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CM First has been a leader in helping companies develop, deploy and manage applications for IBM midrange and mainframe environments since the company’s inception. CM First believes in devising appropriate modernization strategies, such as M3, that fit a company’s unique circumstances, rather than dictating a single approach based on what’s available in a vendor toolbox.

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