Application Modernization

A Multi-faceted Approach to Meet New Challenges

Refactor and Reuse Your Legacy Applications So You Can Meet New Challenges and Exploit New Opportunities

There is now substantial pressure to resolve future application architectures to better position companies for growth. Modernization problems for applications running on IBM midrange and mainframe environments usually cannot be resolved with a single, ‘silver bullet’ approach because modernization needs are the result of a variety of code challenges. Some companies struggle with hard-to-maintain code, others with a wealth of ‘technical debt’ incurred over years of programming trade-offs. Nearly every company wants to have web and mobile presence, but how can legacy applications make that transition?


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CM First has been a leader in helping companies develop, deploy and manage applications for IBM midrange and mainframe environments since the company’s inception. CM First believes in devising appropriate modernization strategies that fit a company’s unique circumstances, rather than dictating a single approach based on what’s available in a vendor toolbox.

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