Software Modernization Provider CM First Secures $1.2M Investment

April 17, 2017
Central Texas Angel Network and Lone Rock Technology Group lead new equity financing

There’s “Gold” In Your Code

February 27, 2017
Accurately document your entire system with CM evolveIT.

SHARE Invites CM First Group to Speak on Modernizing in a Mainframe World

February 21, 2017
SHARE invites CM First Group to San Jose.

CM First Group Recognized Most Promising Company

February 16, 2017
Rice Alliance recognizes CM First Group as Most Promising Company.

CM First Announces CM evolveIT release 10.1

November 28, 2016
The latest release of CM evolveIT now includes clone detection

SenchaDevs Highlights CM First

October 7, 2016
SenchaDevs website highlights success stories from CM First

CM evolveIT Added to the GSA Schedule

September 30, 2016
CM First Adds CM evolveIT to the GSA schedule allowing government agencies to buy this product

CM First Hosts Booth at BBC 2016

September 29, 2016
CM First Highlights CM evolveIT at BBC 2016

CM First Announces Business Rules Extraction Tie-in to BPM

September 28, 2016
With partner, AXON IVY, CM First now has a complete solution from business rules extraction to new development with BPM

Get a Free Copy of CM WebClient Now

September 8, 2016
Learn how you can get a copy of CM WebClient by downloading a trial and investing in training

CM First Introduces CM evolveIT to SHARE

August 21, 2016
CM First Lays the Groundwork for the Need for Automated Code Analysis and then Poses the Solution

CM First and CA Technologies Offer a CA Plex Webcast

August 15, 2016
Learn what’s new with CA Plex at this webcast

CM First Newsletter Q2 2016

July 6, 2016
Introducing CM evolveIT and a review of the iCAthlon.

Business Rule Extraction: The Why and the How

July 11, 2016
As companies plan modernization projects, the question inevitably arises: what is the best way to modernize a codebase? To ensure that the business is not negatively impacted when modernizing, it is necessary to understand, document, and import all business rules to the new system. As the changes made are meant to improve the business and increase efficiency, the rules themselves must not be altered. The continued success of the business depends on this.

Automated Code Analysis to Replace Retirees

June 30, 2016
Many companies are beginning to realize that the rate of mainframer retirement is only increasing with few new experts in the pipeline. While jobs are plentiful, many members of the workforce do not know COBOL or other legacy languages. They are simply not being taught any longer. And yet, legacy languages are the heart of the applications that drive a large portion of many enterprise businesses.

CM First Group Provides CA 2E Webcast in July

June 28, 2016
Join CM First and CA Technologies for a Modernization Webcast on CA 2E and CM M3

CM First Returns to SHARE

June 20, 2016
CM First Will Speak and Exhibit at SHARE highlighting CM evolveIT

CM First Adds CM evolveIT to Modernization Portfolio

June 15, 2016
CM First Empowers DevOps with Code Analysis Tool, CM evolveIT

CM First Announces the iCAthlon Games

April 13, 2016
iCathlon Games will be a unique opportunity for hands-on, application modernization training

CM First Will Exhibit at Two Texas-Based Technical Conferences

March 30, 2016
CM First will demonstrate their revolutionary modernization methodology to Texas technical experts

Technical Debt: Are We Loading Too Much into the Concept?

March 18, 2016
Identifying types of technical debt and fixing the type which most concerns you and your company.

CM First Offers Advanced Tech Webinars

February 29, 2016
CM First and Partners Offer Modernization Solutions in Technical Webinars

Intelligent Process Workflow: Easier than ever

February 17, 2016
Intelligent BPM models are now easier to integrate workflow for business apps, including those on the IBM AS/400

CM First AG Mergers with Faigle

February 15, 2016
CM First AG merges with Faigle, a European document management software company

New Release of CM WebClient Makes App Development Even Better

February 3, 2016
The new release of CM WebClient delivers on the Responsive Web Design promise

CM First to Present and Exhibit at SHARE

January 19, 2016
CM First will host a booth as well as speak at SHARE in San Antonio

Be More ‘Responsive’ to Your Customers

January 12, 2016

Denise Kalm talks about Responsive Web Design and why you need to consider it as you mobile-enable applications

Coming This Quarter – CM WebClient 1.8.5

January 12, 2016

The new release of CM WebClient will be available 1Q’16

Learn how to modernize applications faster with APIs/iBPM

December 30, 2015
CM First will speak at SHARE on speeding application modernization/p7>

December Webinar Offers Modernization Ideas

November 12, 2015

Learn how to transform legacy, green screens into modern apps

APIs – Now, More than Ever

November 9, 2015

Denise Kalm shares the history of APIs and how they are invaluable today for making old applications new again.

Request WebClient Trial Software

October 30, 2015

The WebClient Trial Software is a Live Installer application currently in development…

New Release of Axon.ivy BPM Suite Now Available.

October 29, 2015
Learn about the new features for mobile in the new release of BPM Suite

CM First Announces New Partner, OpenLegacy

October 19, 2015
To add additional capabilities to the modernization story, CM First has partnered with OpenLegacy

New CM WebClient & Hsync Training Available

October 14, 2015
Learn how to mobile-enable applications with CM WebClient and Hsync in a language of your choice

Are You Ready for the Cloud?

October 12, 2015
Denise Kalm speaks to the challenge of moving applications to the Cloud and how to get ready.

OpenLegacy Hosts a Webcast on APIs on October 28, 2015

October 8, 2015
CM First’s newest partner, OpenLegacy, will talk about the value of APIs on IBM i in their webcast

CM First Attends Common 2015

October 6, 2015
CM First joins with new partner, Open Legacy, at Common 2015

SenchaCon 2015 Coming to Dallas and Zurich

September 29, 2015
Sign up now to learn how to modernize your applications to run on all the desired devices

New Release of PTC Implementer Now Available

September 29, 2015
Learn about the new features and enhancements for PTC Implementer 11.2

CM First Facilitates Web and Mobile Solutions for a Global Company

September 29, 2015
Read the success story of how a logistics management company quickly web and mobile-enabled a key business application

Unify Web and Mobile Development

September 23, 2015
Alex Woodie talks about CM First’s solution to unify and speed app development for IBM i

CM First Group WebClient Internet Explorer (IE) Support

September 17, 2015
CM First Group would like to draw attention to Microsoft’s plans to drop support for IE10 and below on January 12, 2016, affecting most Windows versions.

Modernize Now with CM First

September 4, 2015
Learn how CM First can help you solve the EOF for Visual Studio 2005 and other problems

CM First to Present at 41st Annual CMG Conference

August 31, 2015
John Rhodes, CTO, will present a talk about BPM and performance at CMG

Why Go Mobile Now?

August 25, 2015
Learn the many reasons your customers want you to mobile-enable your apps

Top IBM i User Concerns

August 25, 2015
Learn the results of a survey as to what matters most to IBM i users

Smart Modernization

August 21, 2015
Denise Kalm talks about how CM First helps you modernize your applications, highlighting with a customer case study – C & D Technologies.

SenchaCon Roadshows Coming to Your Area

August 19, 2015
Attend a SenchaCon Roadshow in Boston or Chicago

CM First USA Moves to New Office Space

August 18, 2015
New Austin space brings employees together and offers more meeting areas

Sencha announces new Web Application Lifecycle Management Product

July 31, 2015
CM First Partner, Sencha, has enhanced its web and mobile solution capabilities

CM First Introduces a CM WebClient Newsletter

July 29, 2015
Read the press release and click through to the newsletter

No Connection, No Problem – Introducing CM WebClient HSync

July 22, 2015
Denise Kalm explains the value of CM WebClient HSync, giving you some details on how it works under the covers.

New Sencha Platform Available

July 6, 2015
Sencha streamlines web application development with new framework

Customer Speakers a Highlight at Plex/2E Conference

June 29, 2015
Attendees valued hearing from peers about experience in modernization, mobile and more

Bleeding Edge MeetUp Hosted by CM First on June 2

June 1, 2015
Join Sencha and CM First at Bleeding Edge on June 2nd

CM First/Sencha Bleeding Edge MeetUp

May 26, 2015
Learn about the June 2nd MeetUp Now

Replay of BPM Webinar available

May 20, 2015
The replay of the BPM webcast is available at this link

Keynote Speakers Listed for Plex/2E Conference

May 18, 2015
Sign up now to hear all the great keynote and technical speakers at this conference

Read the modernization blog now

May 14, 2015
Missed SHARE – learn what CM First presented on modernization in this blog

BPM Webcast Helps CA 2E & CA Plex Developers Code Faster

May 6, 2015
Attend the webinar on May 19th and learn how BPM can accelerate your development

CM First Crawfish Boil

May 4, 2015
CM First Employees Gathered to Enjoy Crawfish and Good Company

CM First Hosts API Webcast on May 7

April 21, 2015
CA Plex and CA 2E users will learn how to use APIs for modernization efforts

Got Data, but No Connection? Introducing CM WebClient Hsync

April 21, 2015
Denise Kalm tells you about the latest product offering from CM First.

Quickstart CA 2E Modernization Opportunities

April 21, 2015
Many companies are struggling to transform CA 2E green screens to web and mobile applications. CM First has created two limited time offerings to help you leverage APIs and build applications that meet your future demands.

CM First Announces a New Product, CM WebClient Hsync

April 7, 2015
CM First Announces a new product at SenchaCon 2015, the premiere mobile conference being held this week in Santa Clara, CA

CA Plex/2E Developer Conference Coming to Austin in June

March 27, 2015
Take advantage of discounts before May 1st and plan to attend the conference

CM First Spoke on Modernization at SHARE

March 23, 2015
CTO, John Rhodes, helped customers learn how to modernize their legacy applications

CA 2E Modernization webinar to be held in March

March 12, 2015
Join CM First, CA and Belharra to Learn How to Modernize CA 2E Applications

CM MatchPoint ALM Offers Web and Mobile Capabilities

February 27, 2015
Learn about how you can manage application lifecycles on the device of your choice

CM First to Speak at SHARE on Modernization

February 24, 2015
On March 4th, CM First again speaks to the SHARE audience

CA to Offer Product Help in Online Office Hours

February 23, 2015
CA is offering online chat room help with product experts for CA Plex and CA 2E

Alex Woodie Highlights Axon IVY-CM First Partnership

February 12, 2015
Read the IT Jungle article and learn how CM First will help you implement BPM

CM First Will Sponsor and Offer Free Training at the 7th CA 2E/Plex Worldwide Developer Conference in Austin, TX

February 11, 2015
Join CM First June 1-4, 2015 in Austin, TX to deepen your knowledge of CM First products and CA 2E and CA Plex capabilities.

More Effective Application Modernization with BPM

February 11, 2015
Denise Kalm describes the value of BPM solutions for modernization efforts and introduces the Axon.ivy BPM Suite, CM First’s newest partner.

CM First Group Announces Partnership as a Strategic Reseller and Service Provider with AXON IVY

February 11, 2015
CM First has partnered with AXON IVY, iBPM leader, to provide services and support for the Axon.Ivy BPM Suite.

Upgrade CA Plex r7.0 with CM First before EOS on January 15, 2016

February 11, 2015
CM First can help you get all the new features working for you quickly.

Manage Smarter with CM First’s PaaS Solution for CA Plex and CA 2E

February 11, 2015
Consider a new PaaS offering to empower developers while letting CM First manage the infrastructure and systems programming.

New CM First White Paper Available

February 5, 2015
Learn how BPM can help you improve your modernization efforts

CA 2E/Plex Developer Conference to be Held in Austin this Year

January 29, 2015
CM First again sponsors the CA 2E/Plex conference

CM First attends BPM Conferences

January 27, 2015
To foster new relationships, AXON IVY partner, CM First meets with BPM analysts and customers

CA Plex r7.0 EOL on Jan. 15, 2016

January 12, 2015
CM First can help you quickly upgrade to a supported release of CA Plex

CM First Offers CA 2E (SYNON) PaaS Hosting

December 22, 2014
Free up time to modernize and develop, letting CM First manage your platform

CM First Group Partners with BPM Leader AXON IVY

December 9, 2014
Learn about the synergies and opportunities of this BPM and APM partnership

CM First Speaks at CMG 2014

November 28, 2014
CM First explains the concept of technical debt to a new audience

Announcing the New Release of CM WebClient 1.8.3

November 24, 2014
New release offers html-based documentation and rich, desktop browser enhancements

CM First Can Host Your CA 2E Models and Applications

November 13, 2014Focus on your business and let CM First manage your CA 2E (Synon) environment as a PaaS

CM First Group Announces Partnership with L-mobile Solutions

November 12, 2014

CM First has joined up with German mobile expert, L-mobile solutions. Together, they have founded L-mobile swiss, which will help ERP customers develop mobile apps from ERP business applications.

Where is CM First?

November 10, 2014

CM First continues to travel, connecting with customers and partners.

Building Modernization on a Strong Foundation

November 10, 2014
Learn how moving to an ARAD coding environment can enable any desired modernization efforts.

Move to CA 2E R8.7 Now

October 31, 2014
CM First offers CA 2E uplift and training services

CM First Partners with Belharra

October 29, 2014
Modernization will now be simpler with the Belharra/CM First partnership

CM First and CA Offer a CA 2E/CA Plex Webcast

October 21, 2014
Join us on October 29, 2014 and learn how to get more from your products

CM First Presents at CMG 2014

October 20, 2014
CM First speaks about the performance and capacity impacts of technical debt

New company, L-mobile swiss, fosters mobile-enablement for ERP

September 29, 2014
CM First and L-mobile join forces to create a new company for mobile-enablement

New Gartner Magic Quadrant Highlights CM FIrst Partners

September 29, 2014
Leaders in mobile-enablement represent key partners for CM First’s mobile solution

CM First Learns the Latest in CA Technologies Software

September 2, 2014 CM First Deepens its Engagement with CA Technologies with Participation in Events and Training

CM First Presents More on Technical Debt at SHARE

August 18, 2014
CM First goes deeper into the problem of technical debt to help SHARE attendees justify remediation

Belharra is Now CM First’s Legacy Modernization Partner in France

August 11, 2014
CM First is proud to announce a new modernization partner.

How Technical Debt Can Cause You to Lose Customers

August 11, 2014
Learn how this debt maybe costing you customers and thus, revenue, everyday you don’t fix the problem.

Where is CM First?

August 11, 2014
CM First is traveling the world, training customers on CA Plex modernization.

New Online CM First Class

August 11, 2014
New CM WebClient Class available

CM First Takes Developer Training to Europe

July 29, 2014
CA Plex Developer Training by CM First goes Worldwide

CM First to Present at SHARE in Pittsburgh

July 9, 2014
CM First Returns to SHARE to Delve Deeper into Technical Debt

CM First Announces Events in the US and Europe

June 30, 2014
CM First is taking the modernization message around the world at customer events

CM First Partners with Belharra in France

June 11, 2014

CM First Expands Priority Support, Retained Services OfferingTitle

May 30, 2014
CM First enhances their support offering with additional product coverage/p7>

Modeling and API Experts Join CA Architect Rob Layzell

June 3, 2014
CA Technologies is providing Rob Layzell, Plex Product Architect, as Player/Coach/MVP (Most Valuable Programmer) CM First will leverage Rob with CM Staff and guest industry experts to deliver a Hands on discovery and development “game plan“ experience for uplifting, modernizing, and/or adopting CA Plex applications afterward, at the customer’s shop.

CM First Acknowledged at IBM Modernization Forum

May 28, 2014
CM First, an IBM Partner, was recognized at the Paris Forum for modernization expertise

CM First Offers Training on CA Plex 7.1 Upgrade

May 20, 2014
Join CM First and CA Technologies at this Austin Uplift Event

Attend the First CA Plex Uplift X-Games

May 12, 2014
Come to Austin June 10-11 for CA Plex Modernization Training

The Next CA Plex/CA 2E Community Webcast is Thursday, May 15th

May 12, 2014
CA Plex/2E Community Webcast


May 7, 2014
CM First Q1 Newsletter

CA Announces Valuable Features in CA Plex and CA 2E

May 7, 2014
CM First Explains How to Get There

Where is CM First?

May 7, 2014
In February, John Rhodes, CTO, spoke to SHARE attendees in Anaheim…

Future-Proof Your CA 2E Applications

May 7, 2014
Are many of your critical business applications based on CA 2E? If so, has your business begun demanding upgrades and enhancements that you can’t readily respond to because of limitations in the platform?

CM First Adds Resellers in Italy and Central America

April 21, 2014
Resellers will help service and sell CM WebClient to international customers

CM First Speaks at SHARE on Technical Debt

April 3, 2014
John Rhodes, CTO, presented the concept of technical debt remediation to SHARE attendees/p7>

CM First Drinks in the Energy of SXSW

March 24, 2014
SXSW – Yet another reason that CM First enjoys the vibrant Austin spirit

CA and CM First Webcast for April 2

April 17, 2014
Learn about the latest CA Plex and CA 2E Versions and How to Exploit Them

CM First to Present Application Modernization Story at SHARE in Anaheim

February 26, 2014
Learn about how CM First helps you modernize your applications

CM First Delivers Scanning Performance to Hartman and Hartman

February 18, 2014
CM First consulting transforms Hartman and Hartman’s document digitization


Growth Spurs CM First Group Office Move
CM First Group USA relocates to a larger office space

CM First to Sponsor Sencha at Bleeding Edge MeetUp

January 8, 2014
Join Sencha and CM First Group at the Bleeding Edge MeetUp to learn more about mobile app development

CM First to Speak at SHARE in Anaheim

December 30, 2014
CM First Will Help You Modernize Your Legacy Applications

CM First Offers the Fast Way to Mobile

December 11, 2013
CM WebClient is the Easy Way to Mobilize Your Legacy Applications

CM First Highlights Mobile and Modernization Capabilities at Conference

November 26, 2013
Attendees at the CA Plex/2E Conference Learned More about How CM First Can Help Them Succeed

CM First Announces a Technical Service Plan

November 19, 2013
Turn to Us for Help and Advice

New Release of CM WebClient Makes Mobile a Reality

November 12, 2013
Learn how the features of CM WebClient 1.8.2 make mobile simpler

CA 2E Survey for 6th Worldwide Developer Conference

November 11, 2013
Click Below for the full details

CA Plex Survey for 6th Worldwide Developer Conference

November 11, 2013
Click Below for the full details

Attend the 2E/Plex Conference for Free

November 5, 2013
Click Below for the full details

CM First Google Chromecast Giveaway

November 5, 2013
Receive a Google Chromecast when you fill out a quick survey at the Conference

New CM First Infographic

October 25, 2013
See the new infographic we’ve created to help you quickly learn about CM First

CM First Speaks to Capacity Managers about Technical Debt

October 25, 2013
Learn about CM First’s latest article on technical debt published in Measure IT

Hapimag Engages Travelers with Mobile Apps

October 18, 2013
Learn how Hapimag Mobile-Enabled Their Travel Apps with CM First

You can still save money on the CA 2E/Plex Conference

October 11, 2013
Timing is running out to save on your 2013 education

Save on your hotel at the CA 2E/Plex Conference

October 9, 20138
CM First offers special hotel discounts on the CA 2E/Plex Conference

United Heritage Life Insurance Empowers Agents With Mobile Apps

October 8, 2013
Check out the customer success story now

CM First Offers Day 1 Support for the new iPhone

September 30, 2013
Learn how CM WebClient makes moving to mobile much easier

CM First Offers Workshops at CA 2E/Plex Developers Conference

September 10, 2013
Buy two days and get the third free at this training.

CM First Leads the Technical Debt Discussion at SHARE

August 28, 2013
John Rhodes, CM First CTO, delivered “Paying Down Your Technical Debt” at SHARE

CM First Group to Speak at 2013 CA 2E/Plex Developers Conference

August 19, 2013
Join CM First at the CA Developers Conference and Get Started with Mobile

Technical Debt Video

Aug 14, 2013
Learn about Technical Debt and how it affects you

CM First Technical Debt Survey and Chromecast

Aug 14, 2013
Stop by our booth, fill out a survey, and get a free Chromecast

CM First Announces Enhanced Mobile Capabilities with CM WebClient

July 29, 2013
CM First Group announces the latest release of CM WebClient which makes going mobile easier and faster

CM First Group Announces Plans to Speak & Exhibit at SHARE in Boston

July 14, 2013
CM First Makes a First Appearance at SHARE with Two Presentations and a Booth

Go Mobile or Go Home – Webinar

June 28, 2013
Learn how to exploit HTML5 to make mobile-enablement easier

CM First Group Announces the 3.0 Release of Worksoft Certify® for CA Plex Interface

June 27, 2013
New release of product makes automated testing smarter and better

CM First Group Achieves Sencha Select Partner Status

June 17, 2013

Learn what it means to achieve Sencha ‘Select Partner’ status for CM First

CM First USA Announces Their Move to Tech Ranch Austin

May 20, 2013
Learn about the move of the CM First development group to Tech Ranch, Austin

CM First partners with Winvale on GSA

May 3, 2013
CM First Group announced today a partnership with Winvale, one of the value-added distributors in the United States, whose mission is to foster sales for its partners through Winvale’s General Services Administration (GSA) schedule.

CM First Announces a White Paper on Technical Debt

April 29, 2013
Learn what technical debt is costing your company and how you can fix it

IT Jungle Article

April 8, 2013

IT Jungle article published on CM First’s products

CM First at Common Cares 5K

April 7, 2013

CM First kicks off participation at the IBM Common conference by taking part in the Charity 5K Run/Walk.

CA 2E r8.7 Webcast

April 2, 2013 12pm EDT

CA will discuss the renewed strategy for CA 2E and outline many of the new features planned.

CM MatchPoint Release Announcement

March 25, 2013

Details of CM MatchPoint Release.

CA Plex r7.0 Webcast

March 27, 2013 11 am EDT

CA will discuss the renewed strategy for CA Plex and outline many of the new features planned.

CM First Announces Booth at IBM Common.

March 20, 2013

CM First will meet customers at their booth at IBM Common April, 2013.

CM First Announces the Publication of a New White Paper on Cloud and Mobile Enablement

March 18, 2013

Take your legacy application code into the 21st century and support mobile applications quickly

CM First Group Joins SHARE as a Corporate Member

February 28, 2013

CM First Group is happy to announce their membership in SHARE, a worldwide volunteer organization of IT professionals.

CM First Group today announced the launch of their redesigned corporate web site.

February 28, 2013

Presentation of Agile Application Lifecycle Management at the Greater Salt Lake Midrange User Group

February 19, 2013


At the GSLMUG meeting in January Christoph Heinrich from CM First made a presentation about Agile Application Lifecycle Management for IBM i development teams.

CM First is Going ‘Mobile’ on the Trade Show Circuit in October

September 30, 2012


CM First is participating in two events this October that will see the company continue support for application modernization through web and mobile development. On the heels of the CM WebClient 1.8 release, CM First will be sponsoring the Penton Media iProDeveloper virtual co...

CM First Announces Release of CM WebClient 1.8 with New Features Meant to Speed Web and Mobile Application Development from Legacy IBM i Code

September 12, 2012


CM First is pleased to formally announce the 1.8 version of CM WebClient. In this latest release the company has introduced various enhancements to extend the ability of CM WebClient to generate mobile i...

CM First on Mobile Computing for the IBM i

Monday, 18 July, 2011


CM First Group will present on mobile development for the IBM i at the Dallas Metro Midrange Systems Association's July meeting. Topics will include using frameworks like Sencha Touch/Phonegap to access IBM i business logic via Java, PHP, and CA Plex.


The event takes place on...

CM First at Sencha User Conference

Monday, 18 July, 2011


Visit with us at SenchaCon 2011, Sencha's world wide user conference on web and mobile development.

This year's event will be held October 23rd - October 26th in beautiful and fun Austin, Texas. We hope you'll join us for what will certainly be a highly-interactive conference. We will be having som...

CA 2E and CA Plex Global Conference Dates

January 28, 2013

CA’s product manager for CA 2E and CA Plex, Patti Bowman, has announced the dates for the next CA 2E and CA Plex Global User Conference. The dates are November 12, 13 and 14th 2013. The User Group will be held in the CA Technologies facility in Islandia, New York.  Please stay tuned for more details.

CM First Expands Partnership with CA Technologies

 August 30, 2012


On June 25th, 2012, CA extended its global channel partner program to include many of the products in its mainframe software portfolio. CM First is pleased to announce that they have joined CA Technologies’ enhanced channel program as a primary partner for North America and Europe. CA has long...

CM First Launches Technical Blogs

February 17, 2012


CM First has launched two technical blogs of interest to CA Technologies 2E and Plex developers. Be sure to check them out.


CA 2E / Synon Technical Blog

This blog contains technical ...

CA Plex, Mac, and Mobile Development

January 18, 2012

Below is the replay information for the CA Plex/2E Global User Community Webcast on January 19, 2012  


Topic:   CA Plex, Mac, and Mobile Development – Presented by John Rhodes, CM First Technologies  

Mac OS is becoming popular in many technology circles, reflecting the increased interes...

CM First & Aura Equipments Partner for IBM i Modernization

Date: 15 September, 2011


CM First Group AG today announced a partnership with Aura Equipments to supply modernization solutions for the IBM i platform.This partnership gives to CM First’s customers new solutions that allow a seamless interaction between IBM i and the Microsoft Office, Linux and Unix ...

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