About CM First

CM First is a global software and services company with focus on application modernization, the enabling technologies that support high-performing, and agile development organizations. The company provides software solutions and professional services for over 400 clients in both the private and public sectors, including banking, IT, tourism, and manufacturing.


Application Modernization
for IBM Environments
CM First has been providing application modernization solutions for IBM i and z environments since our inception. We promote a mutli-pronged approach to most modernization initatives with an emphasis on finding the right set of technologies to meet our customers’ objectives. We can support the development of web and mobile interfaces and applications, code migration and conversions, SOA wrapping, or help companies prepare for application re-writes in modern languages.
Custom Application Development
Application development is a core component of our business. We can step in to either architect and develop solutions from scratch, or extend and existing team that is resource constrained. Our team is deeply skilled in CA 2E and Plex, RPG and Cobol, as well as more modern languages such as Java, Javascript, .Net and HTML5 either natively or through the use of frameworks.
Software Development Tools
CM First both develops and resells application development tools and technologies. We have a long history of involvement with the CA Plex and CA 2E user communities and have produced a number of complimentary add-ons and extensions for those solutions. CM Matchpoint ALM brings support for Agile development and deployment automation to the IBM i and cross-platform environments. We have also added code analysis and software quality tools to the portfolio.
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